Mobile Dent Repair in NYC

When you think of auto repair you probably think of bringing your vehicle to a mechanic and waiting around for hours while repairs are made to the engine. Car body repair such as dents and dings can often be done in just a couple of hours with an expert technician working on the vehicle at the location of your choice. Mobile dent repair in NYC could even take place while your car is parked at work, if that’s what you choose.
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Common damages fixed with mobile dent repair include:

  • Hail damage
  • Door dings
  • Bumper damage

Timely Auto Dent Repairs

For car body problems, you should get the necessary repairs done as soon as possible so additional damages, such as rust, do not become a problem. If you have a dent on a metal bumper for example, it can quickly become rusty and result in the need for an entirely new bumper when you could have just had it repaired sooner to avoid it. As soon as you see a dent or ding on your vehicle, start researching your options for repair to avoid more expensive repairs later.

What is A Mobile Dent Repair Service?

Trained technicians offer paintless dent repair procedures to help remove small dings and dents from the surface of your vehicle. This process will work on any part of the vehicle as long as the dent does not also have surface scratches or blemishes that could lead to rust. Mobile dent repair services require the use of special tools, including fluorescent lighting to illuminate the surface of the dented area clearly. Technicians must be able to see all dark spots around the dent and ensure there are no high spots left on the car’s surface after the dents are removed.

Once the vehicle’s body is lit properly with the fluorescent lighting, steel poles and body picks are used to carefully push dents out from under the body panel. It takes years of practice to perfect the dent repair process and therefore you want to make sure the company you hire is experienced and qualified. An inexperienced technician can create bigger dents, ruin the paint and finish of your vehicle, or cause other problems to your vehicle if they use too much pressure or make a mistake.

When most of the dent has been removed from the body of your vehicle, a specialized “tapping” procedure will help ravel the edges around the dented area and return it to its normal shape and form. Dent repair services with steel poles, body picks, and the tapping procedure can be done on both steel body panels and light weight aluminum panels.

Mobile Dent Repair Specialists

Before hiring a mobile dent repair service to remove dents from your vehicle, take your time and research your options. A qualified mobile dent repair specialist will be fully insured and will have invested many years into their training and practice of car dent removal. You want someone who has learned and perfected the skill, rather than someone who is just starting out. Check for online reviews and testimonials from other customers of any company you are considering before you hire, and ask for a no-obligation quote for the repair before committing.

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